House System

Bundoora Primary School proudly supports a House System.

The aim of the House System is to promote a sense of belonging and pride in our students, as well as connectedness to our school.  A sense of pride and ‘ownership’ is already fostered in regard to being a part of the Bundoora Primary community.

Captains are assigned to each House who stand for the position and are voted in by their peers and staff.  Our House Captains are responsible for being reliable and responsible leaders of the school community, contributing to the tone of the school, and promoting our school’s values. Our House Captains meet weekly with our Principal to select a Value of the Week for each Assembly. Our House Captains play a pivotal role in leading and supporting whole school activities. Teachers are also assigned to each House and encourage students to embrace our House system and encourage them to earn points for their House. This initiative is just one of the many ways to uphold our high results of the Attitude to School Survey data, as well as aspects of our Parent Opinion and Staff Survey.

Our House System for 2015 consists of the following:

Colour: Blue
Mascot: Blue Tongue Lizard
2015 House Captain: Sandra


Colour: Green
Mascot: Goanna
2015 House Captains: Melonee


Colour: Red
Mascot: Lorikeet
2015 House Captain: Nydia



Colour: Purple
Mascot: Possum
2015 House Captain:  Darien




Students can gain points for their House through a wide range of organised competitions and activities, including sporting and academic challenges.  Students can also accrue points on a day-to-day basis by exemplifying the Bundoora Primary School values of respect, excellence, resilience, friendship and cooperation.

House points are tallied each week and totals announced at Monday morning assemblies.  All students celebrate the success of the leading House, and those not at the top of the leader board strive to be there the following week!