Bundoora Primary is fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers, support staff and volunteers.  All staff members believe in the benefits and positive outcomes that come from being a part of a supportive community.

Our teachers are pleased to provide an ‘open door’ policy.  This means that they are available before and after school and welcome interactions with their students’ family members.  This allows regular, open communication between our school and its families which, in turn, serves to enhance the learning environment for all. Here is a link which shows two of our staff members who have been nominated through A Day Made Better in 2016. We are very proud that our staff have been acknowledged for their hard work, support and dedication towards our students’ education.

staff caricatures in foyer

Our school offers a class structure as follows:

  • Prep – Lauren Taglieri – contact via email
  • Grade 1/2 – Rebecca Bruce – contact via email
  • Grade 1/2 – Andrea Lagana – contact via email  
  • Grade 1/2 – Nick Shelley – contact via email
  • Grade 1/2 – Pina Saliba – contact via email
  • Grade 3/4  – Kat Ridsdale – contact via email & Michelle Agar – contact via email   
  • Grade 3/4 – Natasha Narayan – contact via email
  • Grade 3/4 – Callum Shaw – contact via email
  • Grade 5/6 – Heather Neilson – contact via email
  • Grade 5/6 – Jamie McDonald – contact via email
  • Grade 5/6 – Steven Meagher – contact via email

Our Specialist teachers are:

Health and Physical Education
Daniel Kret

Visual Arts
Nikki Rhodes

Molly Jeffries

Performing Arts
Nerida Newell

Our Education Support Officers are:
Kerry Laurie
Dianne Hutton (EAL)
Jeremy Cass
Nicole Morton
Susie Hull
Julie Taylor
Nahla Said

Our Primary Wellbeing Officer is:
Robynne Tongue

Our Library Technician is:
Jess Skerry

For further information about our school and teaching and learning programs, please contact:

  • Principal – Lee Pollard
  • Business Manager – Kerrie Driver
  • Office Manager/Enrolments/Student Administration – Lorraine Van Zwienen

We welcome you to tour our school and see our classes in action.