Dedicated Science Program

Our Science Program is taught from Prep to Year 6, engaging and encouraging our students to look at all things scientifically. Our students participate in their timetabled science lessons, through a variety of ways, including hands on investigations, incursions and excursions, group discussions and theory based learning. Programs such as Year 3-6 Robotics continue to foster and stimulate their curiosity and interest. Students investigate all units of science, including Space science, energy and change, natural disasters, force and motion, sustainability, living things, materials, solids-liquids-gases, and famous Australian scientists.

Students are encouraged to use a range of scientific ways to explore, gather and analyse information to form opinions and reach conclusions of scientific investigations. Children develop their curiosity with hands-on experiences which encourages them to think like scientists.

We have strong links with the neighbouring RMIT and LaTrobe Universities which complement our Science Program. The Victorian Space & Science Education Centre (VSSEC) also support our Program with hands-on (real life simulation) experiences for our students to participate in both at school and on their campus.  What is STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our aim is to develop skills and confidence to design, develop and implement our own STEM-based teaching resources. We provide innovative teaching tools that are relevant to the world of science today and we are extremely excited and enthusiastic to bring these newly developed skills to create high-quality classroom activities that tap new ideas in STEM.

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