Our Prep students celebrated 100 Days of Prep this week in so many ways! Prep students were invited to come to school dressed as a 100 year old, which proved we have some very creative families, with costumes including corduroy suits, frocks with under-slips, many varieties of specks/glasses and walking sticks, ties and even the odd pearl necklace! Our Prep students enjoyed “100” activities, including hats, cooking, drawing, and pasting, and were presented with a certificate and photo with our Principal. Our 5/6 Buddies joined in on the celebrations as well and enjoyed watching the “Prep for a Day” presentation. A copy of the presentation is also provided to our Prep families so they can have a small keepsake from their child’s Prep year to keep.

Congratulations to our Prep students (and families) for such a wonderful start to their education journey!