KidsMatter & Bounce Back

What is KidsMatter Primary?

Kids Matter - Bundoora Primary SchoolKidsMatter Primary is a flexible, whole-school approach to children’s mental health and wellbeing for primary schools. It works both on its own and as an umbrella under which a school’s existing programs can comfortably fit.

KidsMatter Primary is a national initiative that aims to contribute to improving student mental health and wellbeing, reducing mental health difficulties amongst students, and increasing support for students experiencing mental health difficulties.

KidsMatter Primary was developed in collaboration with beyondblue, the Australian Psychological Society, and the Principals Australia Institute, and with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and beyondblue. As a collaboration between education and health, KidsMatter Primary encourages joint involvement of both education and health sectors.

Through KidsMatter Primary, schools undertake a two to three-year cyclical process in which they plan and take action using a comprehensive whole-school approach to mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention. It allows for flexibility and can be tailored to schools’ local needs. In this way, KidsMatter Primary builds on the work schools are already doing to address the mental health of their students through national, state, territory and sector-based initiatives and policies. KidsMatter Primary provides a range of resources and support throughout the journey.

KidsMatter Primary provides the proven methods, tools and support to help schools, parents and carers, health services and the wider community nurture happy, balanced kids.

In conjunction with our KidsMatter initiative, in 2015 we commenced working within the BOUNCE BACK! Well being and Resilience Program. The philosophy of the Bounce Back Program is “If you are resilient you are able to cope reasonably well with difficult situations and things that go wrong and then ‘bounce back’.”

Throughout life children will need skills and attitudes to help them to bounce back. They will encounter everyday challenges such as making mistakes, falling out with a friend, moving house or school and losing in a sports competition. Many will also face challenges such as adapting to family breakdowns, a step-family, the illness or death of a family member, or being bullied. The BOUNCE BACK! Wellbeing and Resilience program teaches children the skills and attitudes to help them become more resilient. It uses literature as a starting point for discussions
and follow-up activities. These ten coping statements are a core part of the program.

BOUNCE BACK! stands for:

Bad times don’t last. Things always get better. Stay optimistic.
Other people can help if you talk to them. Get a reality check.
Unhelpful thinking makes you feel more upset. Think again.
Nobody is perfect – not you and not others.
Concentrate on the positives (no matter how small) and use laughter.
Everybody experiences sadness, failure, rejection and setbacks sometimes, not just you. They are a normal part of life. Try not to personalise them.
Blame fairly. How much of what happened was due to you, to others and to bad luck or circumstances?
Accept what can’t be changed (but try to change what you can change first).
Catastrophising exaggerates your worries. Don’t believe the worst possible picture.
Keep things in perspective. It’s only part of your life.

Our staff consistently drive well-being initiatives that benefit our community. We focus on “Building Positive Communities” and we have made many positive changes that our community have thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed over the years.