Reports & Surveys

2017 Parent Opinion Survey

The results from our Parent Opinion Survey have been fantastic, showing that we have very satisfied, happy parents, who believe our school performs extremely well. To view the report here. You will see the high percentage (predominantly 90% or higher) of satisfaction regarding the way we manage student behaviour, school connectedness, effective teaching, expectations from our students, as well as our teacher communication, learning/physical/school environment, pride & confidence, amongst many other things. We encourage you to take a few minutes to view the report, the results of which we are very proud of. Some very positive comments below:

“Bundoora Primary provides a wonderful environment for my children to shine. My children feel safe and happy coming to school and there is positive communication between students, parents and teachers. My children enjoy the diverse community at Bundoora Primary and individual needs and strengths are accommodated for.” 

“Bundoora Primary is just getting better and stronger every year. it has a wonderful administration and leadership structure which supports its teachers and staff, which in turn provides the students with an excellent learning environment.”

2017 Attitude to School Survey (Students Opinion)

Each year our senior students, under the Department of Education & Training’s direction, participate in a student opinion survey. We are extremely proud of the results from the survey, which shows how comfortable, satisfied and engaged our students are at school. Click here to view the Summary Report, where you will see most of the percentage reaches the 90 percentile or higher. Of particular importance is students’ self confidence, resilience, the teacher’s ability to create effective classroom behaviour, stimulated learning, sense of inclusion & connectedness, respect for diversity and teacher concern. The results from this survey enables us to see how comfortable and happy our students are, which creates an engaging and stimulating environment.

2015 School Review

We are thrilled with our School Peer Review, which took place in November 2014. Click here to view our Peer Review Report. Below is a summary of the reviewer’s findings.

“The Peer Review Panel members were most impressed by thoroughness and quality of the School Self Evaluation, its close examination of the data in relation to targets from the last School Strategic Plan and its willingness to identify areas in need of improvement. The Peer Review Panel was also impressed by the very professional way the staff had embraced the review process to monitor progress and to set out targets and strategies for future improvement.   Discussion with the school’s leadership team showed that many of the practices already in place at Bundoora Primary School can be found in highly effective schools and therefore the reviewers can only encourage their continuation and development. The school’s outcomes on most of the key indicators of success are above expectation and a testament to the work of this highly motivated and dedicated staff. The school’s growing enrolment and its very positive Parent Opinion Survey outcome suggest that the school is regarded as a good school by its community. The reviewer, who also reviewed the school in 2010, has been most impressed by the rigorous way the school now approaches its work, by the carefully considered and most strategic changes that have been made on many fronts and by the tangible lift in energy and enthusiasm evident in all levels of school life. The foundations are in place for an excellent future.”

Annual Report

Bundoora Primary School’s Annual Report is published on the government’s My Schools website. The document gives an overview of the school, including enrolments, school structure, specialist programs and our values. The Annual Report also gives an overview of student achievement, student pathways and transition, and student wellbeing. It also provides weblinks to other school documents. To view Bundoora Primary School’s Annual Report click here.

Other Documents for Download: