Last Wednesday, an Australian Award winning author, Sofie Laguna, visited our school for OPEN DAY, as a part of EDUCATION WEEK. She showed us many of the books that she had written like,‘Too Loud Lily’, ‘Bad Buster’, ‘A Home For Grace’, ‘On Our Way To The Beach’and ‘Stephen’s Music’.

Sofie told us that she keeps her writings in a diaries. Her first book that she had published was ‘My Yellow Blankey’ in 2002. When Sofie was a little girl, she loved acting and she made concerts for her mum and dad.

Our favourite book that she presented was ‘Too Loud Lily’, because when Lily, who is a hippopotamus, was at home, she was too loud for her family. When she went to school, there was a new teacher, who had just come to the school, her name was Miss Loopiola. She taught Drama and Music, she liked the loud noises that Lily made so she put her in the school play. Lily was allowed to be the lead in the play and she could make as much noise as she liked.

Sofie asked us if we’re noisy like Lily and some of us said, “Yes.”

THANK –YOU Mrs. Rhodes for making the very bright and attractive display for Sofie’s visit.