Kindy Time at Bundoora Primary

Free Kindy Time at Bundoora Primary School

Upcoming Kindy Time Sessions:

  • Kindy Craft – Wednesday 1st  August at 2.15-3.00
  • Kindy STEM – Monday 13th August at 9.10-9.55
  • Kindy Sport – Friday 24th  August at 2.15-3.00

Kindy Music – Thursday 13th September at 10.00-10.45

Our Kindy sessions are designed for kinder-aged children (3 or 4 year olds) to help them to become familiar in a school-type setting, with a view to raising their confidence in an enjoyable, comfortable way. Each session runs for 45 minutes. Parents are welcome to stay and watch. Bookings are essential (& strictly limited) and can be made by phoning our office on 9467 2601 or emailing here.

We have received wonderful feedback from parents and caregivers who have attended our Kindy Time sessions with their children. Parents have told us that these sessions have given their children the opportunity to enjoy a ‘different activity’, as well as a further way to socialise their children. Our Student Leadership students enjoy helping to make the children feel comfortable, with their lovely smiles and assistance with the different activities we offer.


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Below are some photos of our previous very successful Kindy Time sessions, which were enjoyed by all participants (especially our wonderful Grade 6 helpers!)
IMG 4059   DSCF5627  photo 2  DSCF5635 Kindy Craft 3 DSCF5638    photo. 15JPG   photo. 4JPG  kindy craft photos kites 4  IMG 1170photo 4  IMG 1191    photo 3