LOTE (Auslan)

Our Language Other Than English (LOTE) program is quite uniquely taught to all students at Bundoora Primary School. Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is the language of the Deaf community in Australia, and is taught through our Performing and Visual Arts Programs which engages our students and allows them to learn a language easily and in an enjoyable way. Spoken languages are known as visual-gestural languages, whereas with sign languages, the grammar and meaning can be expressed at the same time. Signs are combined with facial expressions to show the different emotions and meaning of words. This short video shows you how our children have embraced this language and love to show off their skills.

Our students are able to learn and understand the Auslan language quickly with visual learning cues through Performing and Visual Arts. Most of our staff have some Auslan skills, which assists our students in being able to practice and use their skills throughout the school. We have held small parent seminars to provide parents with basic skills to help their children practice at home.

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