Extra-curricular activities

At Bundoora Primary School we offer our students a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. We understand it’s important for children to maintain well balanced lifestyles, while continually challenging and engaging them with many different opportunities. Listed below is a list of opportunities we offer our students. Please contact our office for more information by calling 9467 2601 or emailing here.

  • After School Chinese Classes held each Thursday afternoon. Lessons include hands-on activities, cooking and interactive activities, which makes for fun, engaging learning. Students are able to start mid-Term as each week a different focus is taught, with brief review of the previous lesson.
  • Instrumental lessons are offered to our students each week, including piano, guitar, drums, flute and clarinet. Our students receive either private lessons or group lessons (parental choice). At the end of each year our students present a brief performance to a small assembly (or class) to showcase their talents.
  • School Choir at Bundoora Primary School is a very successful program. Our choir students enjoy weekly choir practice to enhance their vocal talents, guided by our wonderful Performing Arts Teacher, Nerida Newell. Our choir performs to local nursing homes, as well as Plaza performances around Christmas time.
  • Students are given the opportunity to be a part of the Premier’s Reading Challenge each year to increase their reading skills and comprehension. Our students are well supported throughout the challenge timeline, which has proved to be a successful program within our school.
  • Students who have an artistic flare are given the opportunity become part of our Art Club. Our very talented Visual Arts Teacher, Mrs Nikki Rhodes, guides our students to bring out their artistic talents and enhance their abilities, during their lunchtime sessions.
  • Our Year 5 students are offered Student Leadership Training to encourage their leadership skills, raise their confidence and assist them with their preparations (if they choose) to apply for Student Leadership positions in Year 6. Student Leadership Training is a 10 week course (one session per week) which covers a wide range of topics including collaborative decision-making, public speaking, and team work skills. 
  • Throughout the year our Physical Education Teacher, Miss Laren Arnell, arranges a variety of Sports Clinics for our students to experience, such as Tennis, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey and Football. Our students have received coaching from various sporting clubs and teams in and around Melbourne, ranging from the local Tennis Club coach, SEDA College senior students, Melbourne Storm representatives, as well as AFL football personalities (including Eddie Betts, Carlton Football Club). This strengthens our Interschool Sports Program our Year 4-6 students enjoy, which includes summer sports throughout Term 1, winter sports throughout Term 2, District Athletics Carnival and District Swimming Carnival.