School Banking

At Bundoora Primary School, students are encouraged to become a part of the school banking program – provided by the Commonwealth Bank.

School banking day is TUESDAY.

Children can bank as little or as much as they wish.  It is the process of putting aside some money each week, and watching their bank balance grow, that encourages life long, positive saving habits.

Our School Banking Coordinator is one of our wonderful parents, Sarah Parr, who gives of her time to collect all deposits and coordinate the school banking scheme on behalf of our school and the Commonwealth Bank. 

The school banking program reaps more than just monetary reward for the students who participate.  The Commonwealth Bank provides prizes that children can redeem for the tokens collected each time they bank.  We even have visits from larger than life banking mascots!

How to get involved in School Banking

With the help of their parent/carer, children can sign up for a YouthSaver account at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank, or online.  They will be given a deposit book that is then brought to school each week with their money to deposit.

If children already have a YouthSaver account and deposit book, from the Commonwealth Bank, they can start banking at school immediately.

For more information on the School Banking Program, visit the Commonwealth Bank website or visit your local Commonwealth Bank branch.