MarketOur Year 5/6 Students have been working to gain knowledge and understanding on how others live, from the homeless in Australia to third world countries. Students have investigated and researched information about various ways those less fortunate are living and how they came to be in these circumstances, such as what contributes towards homelessness in Australia, as well as how third world countries cope or manage the many harmful medical issues and environment, such as contaminated water, etc. Our students want to help those in need and have been working on developing and implementing a business plan to build ways in which they can donate towards various charities. Recently, our Year 5/6 Students have been working with LaTrobe University, focusing on empathy, active compassion and team work.

Our Year 5/6 students have really taken on our Social Enterprise Program with enthusiasm and eagerness, most recently setting up a stall at LaTrobe University Market selling their handmade crafts to raise money. It’s wonderful to see such empathy towards others and such eagerness to help those less fortunate.