Community Statement

Bundoora Primary School focuses on building enduring, quality relationships with its community.

The Bundoora Primary School community comprises a diverse range of people that includes its students, parents and all staff, guardians, members of the local education, business and government sectors, local residents and the Banyule network group.

In providing the highest quality learning environment, the school relies on building partnerships with community members who all have the right to:

  • be treated with respect
  • take an active interest in the education of children
  • expect that confidentiality be maintained where appropriate
  • expect that the school instils values that are acceptable to general society
  • expect that the students are taught and valued as individuals
  • expect that there are high expectations of student achievement

School community members also have the responsibility to:

  • show and give support to agreed school core purpose, values, goals, policies and programs
  • respect the professionalism and integrity of all staff
  • support the student welfare and discipline policy and program of the school
  • actively participate and/or support school activities and projects
  • support the school in fundraising and marketing ventures
  • support their school council in its efforts towards providing quality education programs
  • show loyalty to the school and promote the school amongst the wider community
  • provide support within the school
  • provide the children in their care with the appropriate compulsory school uniform
  • ensure their children are punctual for school and school activities
  • maintain confidentiality where appropriate
  • support the school environmental goals by assisting with the maintenance and development of buildings and grounds facilities.