Prep Information

Children must turn 5 years of age by the end of April in the year they begin school.

One of the most important decisions parents make for their children is which school to send them to. Our teachers are skilled in focusing on the individual requirements of each child. Families can be assured that their child’s strengths and needs will be supported.

Bundoora Primary School offers a great community feel, which many families love. We have a dynamic learning community, and emphasize positive and constructive relationships. School tours provide an opportunity to see Bundoora Primary School in action. Our principal and assistant principal host tours and welcome any questions you may have. Bookings are essential, please contact our office on 03 9467 2601 or by email to organise a school tour. Or you can view a virtual tour now!

Prep Information Evenings are held throughout the year. These help parents prepare to enroll for Prep, and cover transition dates, school preparation, etc.

Preps who will start the following year may attend transition/orientation sessions. These sessions familiarise incoming Prep students with the school and teachers. Parents/carers are welcome to meet in our staff and community room during these sessions. This is an opportunity to get to know each other and our Principal, Sherrin Strathairn. During these transition sessions, our uniform shop will be open for purchases.

On the first day of school, preps arrive in staggered 10 minute intervals. This means each student is greeted and settled into the classroom by their teacher. After delivering children to their classroom, all family members are welcome to attend our ‘Tea and Tissues’ session. This is special morning tea in our Staff and Community Room. We look forward to everyone attending.

Kindy Time

Our Kindy Time sessions are also great for 3 or 4 year olds to become familiar with a school-type setting. Sessions are 50 minutes and parents are welcome to stay for the session. Kindy Time sessions aim to raise children’s school confidence in an enjoyable, comfortable way. Bookings are essential, please contact our office by phone on 03 9467 2601 or email.

We have received wonderful feedback from parents and caregivers on Kindy Time sessions. Parents have told us the sessions provide great activities and opportunities for children to socialise.

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