Prep Information

One of the most important decisions parents make for their children is which school to send them to. Many families choose Bundoora Primary School above other schools because of the great community feel and the attention to learning and happiness we provide at BPS. Our tours provide extensive information regarding our curriculum, specialist programs, and general classroom information, as well as giving you the opportunity to view the school and classes in action and answer any queries you may have.

Please contact our office to book into one of our school tours or to arrange an appointment time for a school tour that is convenient to you. Throughout the year, we conduct Prep Information Evenings, directed towards parents preparing to enrol their kinder aged children and providing information regarding transition dates, school preparation, etc.

Our 2024 prep information sessions will be held on:

  1. Tuesday 23rd April
  2. Monday 9th December

Your child may also be interested in attending one of our Storytime or Kindy sessions.



Storytime Sessions will be held in term 2 on the following dates:

  1. 30th April
  2. 23rd May
  3. 17th June

Kindy session will be held in Term 3 on the following days:

  1. Kindy PE – 23rd July
  2. Kindy Music – 8th August
  3. Kindy Art – 19th August
  4. Kindy STEM – 3rd September
  5. Kindy ICT – 18th September

Transition sessions are held towards the end of the year for preps who will commence the following year.  This is to assist incoming prep students to familiarise themselves with their classroom, their peers, and our teachers. This year our transition sessions will be on the following days:

  1. Monday 14th October
  2. Tuesday 29th October
  3. Thursday 14th November
  4. Wednesday 27th November

Our teachers are skilled in focusing on the individual requirements of each child. Families can be assured that their child’s strengths and needs will be identified and supported. We hope that all parents/carers will regard their child’s teacher as a person in whom they can place confidence for advice and assistance.

Prep children must turn 5 years of age by the end of April in the year they begin school.

Click here for an Enrolment form or contact our office via phone 03 9467 2601 or email here to obtain an Enrolment Information Pack.

Please review our school tour dates and contact our office if you are interested in attending any of our tours.

We look forward to being a part of your child/ren’s learning journey.


Transition Information

Prep Transition

Each year we hold transition sessions throughout term 4 for our incoming Prep students to attend. These sessions allow children the chance to familiarise themselves with their classroom, teachers, and other students. Prep transition sessions include activities in our Prep classrooms, as well as our Visual Arts Room, Performing Arts Room, ICT room and STEM Room, along with a Physical Education activity. Our wonderful Year 5/6 student leaders assist throughout our transition sessions. Parents are invited to enjoy a cuppa in our Staff Room and are offered presentations to assist them through the transition process.


This year our transition sessions will be on the following days:


  • Monday 14th October
  • Tuesday 29th October
  • Thursday 14th November
  • Wednesday 27th November


Year 6 – Year 7

From early on in Year 6, students take part in a program to facilitate their transition into secondary education. This involves discussion of possible schools and assistance with choices. Teachers and students from some of the neighbouring schools come and talk to the students about the range of programs offered at their school and will answer questions that the Year 6 students may have. Some schools provide literature to the students outlining the opportunities that are available at their school. Parents and students are also able to visit various secondary schools during open days or by appointment.

Year 6 students will have an Orientation Day, early in December at their chosen school, to help them become familiar with the setting and organisation. Year 6 teachers also liaise closely with Year 7 teachers in the region to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary education settings.

Between year levels

Our teachers facilitate transition sessions between year levels in term four.  These sessions help students to become familiar with the location of their new class level or new programs and structures that may be in place.

At the end of each year, staff discuss each student moving into their new grades in what is known as our ‘handover’. At this meeting, information is shared about academic progress and any other relevant information about the social, emotional, or physical needs of the student. This ensures the smoothest transition between year levels possible.