Recently, our Year 6 students attended an education excursion to The Living Room, Hosier Lane, Melbourne, who support those experiencing homeslessness. We met an extremely friendly man called Richy (the CEO), who presented a speech about what The Living Room does and how they function. The Living Room has four doctors who rotate throughout the week and provide care to the homeless. They also have nurses and an artist who provides free art workshops/classes to help with their mental health. Richy explained that there are about 116,000 homeless people in Australia, and Victoria has around 25,000 of them. He also provided us the information that most homeless people are usually sick or unwell, due to drug or alcohol abuse, and mental health. The Living Room provides shelter, food, water, overall health management and support. After Richy’s inspirational speech, we started cooking for the homeless people who visit The Living Room. We made pumpkin soup, muffins, and we also donated Up n Go drinks and protein bars. We all thought this excursion was very insightful and educational, and would provide excellent education for future years to come. 

Julia P, Year 6 
Social Enterprise Team Member

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For more information about The Living Room please click here to see their website.