Parent Concerns and Complaints Summary

Bundoora Primary School believes that concerns and complaints are best addressed by students, parents, teachers, principal and education support staff working in partnerships. The confidentiality of all parties involved will be maintained. When resolving an issue the school will strive to achieve an outcome that is acceptable to all parties. Both the school and parents/guardians are expected to act in good faith and in a calm and respectful manner as per the Bundoora Primary School Community Statement.

The school’s approach to handling concerns and complaints is based on our values of:

Excellence: Being able to address all concerns and complaints in a courteous, efficient, fair and timely manner;

Respect: Being a proactive listener, being considerate, preserving dignity;

Cooperation: Being able to negotiate and find a compromise;

Resilience: Being able to listen to constructive criticism, take it onboard and move forward in the pursuit of improvement;

Friendship: Being fair to people who may differ in opinion from our own thoughts and feelings.

The school will address any concerns and complaints received from parents:

  • courteously
  • efficiently
  • fairly
  • promptly or within the timeline agreed with the person with the concern or complaint in accordance with due process, principles of natural justice and the Department’s regulatory framework

In the first instance, the complainant should telephone, visit or write to the school. Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint at the school level. Mediation is encouraged if a situation presents where resolution proves difficult. DEECD also support resolution of complaints at school level. DEECD information for parents on raising concerns and complaints can be found at:

Raise a complaint or concern about your school

For contact details for any staff member, call the office on 9467 2601. If you are not sure who to ask for, contact the Principal and you will be directed to the appropriate person.

The following are guidelines for parents and guardians:

Type of Concern

Most Appropriate Staff member

  • Learning issues (e.g. homework issues; difficulty understanding concepts taught in a particular subject).
  • Incidents that happened in the class or group (e.g. student not having equipment for that class).

 Grade Teacher or Specialist Teacher

  • Issues relating across more than one class
  • Issues relating to behaviour management and consequences
  • Concerns relating specifically to the implementation of school policy
  • Ongoing problems that continue to be unresolved (e.g. bullying issues)
  • Concerns relating to complex student issues (e.g. family trauma; diagnosed mental health issues)
  • Concerns relating to complex behaviour management (e.g. suspensions)
  • Concerns relating to school management
  • Issues relating to  staff members

Professional Learning Team Leader or the Principal (All appointments with the Principal are made through the school’s administration staff).