Dedicated STEM Program

All students from Prep to Year 6, engage with our dedicated Science/STEM program.

What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Science/STEM program encourages students to look at all things scientifically.

Science lessons include investigations, incursions/excursions, group discussions and theory based learning. Students investigate all units of science including:

  • Space science
  • Energy and change
  • Natural disasters
  • Force and motion
  • Sustainability
  • Living things
  • Materials
  • Solids-liquids-gases
  • Famous Australian scientists

Students use scientific methods to gather and analyse information. They then form opinions and reach conclusions about their investigations. Hands-on experiences develop curiosity which encourages students to think like scientists. Topics such as Robotics stimulate their curiosity and interest in all things STEM.

Our program has strong community links with RMIT University and La Trobe University. As well as with the Victorian Space & Science Education Centre (VSSEC). These community connections complement our programs and provide exciting opportunities for students.

We provide innovative teaching tools relevant to the world of science today. Developing high-quality classroom activities that tap new ideas in STEM is our passion!